Fantastic Tattoo Ideas and Where to Find Them – Your Go To Guide to Tattoo Research

Finding the right tattoo/design to get can be the most exciting and daunting task you have ever done.

One minute you are all excited about the idea of getting a new tattoo, and the next minute you are frantically searching the internet looking for the perfect tattoo design.

Some of us want color tattoos, some are looking for a unique design and sometimes we even want customized designs.

Finally, finding the right tattoo idea can definitely get you on Cloud 9.

But in today’s world of unlimited options, this is no longer a child’s play.

We can be overwhelmed by the number of choices available but still not find the right tattoo idea.

In this article, we are gonna outline the easiest steps to follow to find the perfect tattoo design.

  1. Basic Google Search and Websites

Like any sort of research, google can be the best place to start your hunt for the perfect tattoo. This would lead you to a place where you can explore more options and understand the meanings behind your tattoos.

Not every tattoo means the same, sometimes the same tattoo may have more than one meaning. ‘Read up on your tattoo and the meaning behind and this can actually give you the right idea for Key Words too.

Websites like Pinterest, Google Images, Deviant Art are the most popular three websites with extensive ideas.

2. Use effective KeyWords while searching

As mentioned before, reading up on your tattoo will give you a fair idea about Key Words and how to go on upon your tattoo research.

Search for the tattoo idea or look up the meaning behind the tattoo can get you more elaborate and concise options.

If you are looking for a lettering tattoo(tattoo a simple phrase or lettering). instead of looking up for “lettering tattoo” , you can look up “calligraphy lettering tattoos”.

With Marvels – The End Game in theaters now, some of you die-hard fans following the franchise for years now, might want to celebrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe by a tattoo to symbolize the years we spent following these movies.

Now when you look for a Marvel tattoo, search for the marvel character’s name or “Marvel Concept Art”. This way you are casting a wider net instead of just looking at “Marvel Tattoos” and ending up with common tattoo ideas . This way you can find inspiration which would lead to custom and more creative design.

This method of research will provide to a lot more effective results with several options to use as an inspiration instead of copying someone else’s tattoo .

3. Search for the tattoo placement and color/style options

The placement of the tattoo can be as important as the design itself. Narrowing down your search to the where you want to get the tattoo will fetch you tattoo ideas with the right size, color, design etc.

This way you will also have an idea about the tattoo would like on different places in the body.

4. Looking for the Right Artist

We can’t stress the importance of picking the right artist when it comes to tattoos.

First and foremost, checkout the Artist’s website and portfolio.

This will give you a clear idea about the experience of your artist.

If your artist can nail tattoos like this to perfection, rest assured you are in good hands.

5. What to expect from your Artist

Forget, square inch prices and 1+1 tattoo deals guys.

The right artist should let you pay for the skill and time involved in actually doing your tattoo.

In case you haven’t already done your tattoo research, your artist should be able to guide you to do the right research.

If you are looking for a big tattoo, your artist should be able to custom design a unique tattoo for you. That is why it is important to ensure your tattoo artist has commendable drawing skills as well.

Check out some great custom tattoo designs by Bengaluru’s best Pradeep Junior at Astron Tattoos below!!!

This tattoo was designed by Pradeep Junior in the memory of a World War II soldier.
Designed by Pradeep Junior, this tattoo design was inspired by Lord Shiva.
Fan Favorite – Travel Water Color tattoo designed by Pradeep Junior is an ode to those of you with Wander Lust.

This buddha sleeve tattoo was designed by Pradeep Junior.

This wolf inspired full sleeve tattoo is an example of how the wild imagination of Pradeep Junior
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