How can I get a good tattoo? A guide to a good tattoo by Astron Tattoo Studio in Bangalore | India.

What is a Perfect tattoo? Is it really possible to get a perfect tattoo?

We believe every Tattoo has a unique story to tell. No matter the size. Even if you are getting a tiny little tattoo on the side of the wrist or a full sleeve, your goal remains the same, to attain perfection.

This can only happen when a tattoo artist and tattoo design is chosen right. But, its rare to stumble across a design and an artist, that’s perfect for you. Unless of course, you are one of those crazy geniuses!!!

Consider this article your perfect guide on how to get a perfect tattoo from a tattoo artist or studio 😉

First of all how do we find a perfect Tattoo Design?

Tattoos are very personal artworks. They are roadmaps to your incredible life journeys, your secret scars that talk about your toughest choices.

There is something that always triggers us to go and get a tattoo.

Be it celebrating your 18th birthday or wanting to remember your loved ones by dedicating a tattoo for them or just inking your favorite animal or pet. The story behind your tattoo is the most important, incredible thing ever.

Once you have an idea, now its time to start looking for a tattoo design. But where can and where will you find the perfect design?

Well you could simply visit the nearest tattoo studio or a convention


Talk to the people who are inked. Talk to them about their inspiration for a tattoo design. Ask them how did they come up with such a cool concept.

Look up online. There are several platforms online like Google, Pinterest, instagram. If I were to get a tattoo on the side of my wrist, I would probably go to pinterest or google images and look up “wrist tattoo ideas” . By looking at all the images should give you a good idea of how your tattoo could look.

Look up artists and their specific style of tattooing (if any) : Today there are several artists with specific artistic styles like Geometric, water color, black work, free hand etc. See if a styles appeals to you and go from there.

So now moving on to Step 2, which is…….

Finding good tattoo Studio and Artist?

How do I Choose a Tattoo Artist?: This is probably the most important step in the whole process of getting a tattoo. This is why you need to keep the following things in mind.

The One with the Certified Hygiene : Look up for artist that has undergone Blood Borne Pathogen Training (Training to prevent blood borne pathogen and cross contamination). Extra credits if the Artist is OSHA certified.

How do i identify if my Artist is good ? The answer is quite simple. Ability to actually DRAW a good tattoo: By ability we mean pure artistic abilities. Check you artists recent work , a good tattoo artist’s line work is crisp and shades are smooth and if its colored, check for smooth blending .

And how do you recognize a Bad Artist: Blurry lines, patchy shades , obvious scarring on the whole tattoo.

Professional Approach: Every person who wants to get a tattoo goes in to the tattoo shop for an experience. And your tattoo artist’s professionalism matters a lot. So notice if your artist is really interested in doing your tattoo and willing to deliver the best. This really ensures a smooth and enriching experience for you.

Tattoo Studio: Look for clean and tidy work stations, autoclave, plastic barriers on all the equipment including bottles, power unit, sterile needles and tubes, sharp containers to dispose sharp objects after use including needles and blades. These things show that the tattoo studio is following proper hygiene standards and protocols.

Simple but very Tidy work station

“Good Luck getting inked for life”

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