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Begin to Tattoo or learn how to tattoo? tattoo course in Bangalore?

Tattooing is been around for thousands of years and in the past 2 decades it has transformed into fine arts form, Today tattooing is explored to such an extent that it is hard to differentiate between a tattoo and a sticker. Various forms of tattooing like Bio mechanical, Portraits, Abstract, Realism, Realistic Tattoos have completely changed the way tattoos were done the past.  At this time every one wonder how tattooing has changed so much and most of the tattoo enthusiasts ask themselves a question

“How Do I Learn to Tattoo?”

Here is a simple answer “you just cannot learn how to tattoo”. By this I mean any one and every once cannot just pick up a tattoo machine and start to tattoo people. And there is no specific course or a School that can teach you how to tattoo. So in order to learn how tattoo you will need an apprenticeship at a Tattoo shop under a good well experienced tattoo artist who follows all the standards in hygiene and safe tattooing.

If you want to learn how to tattoo. First you need ask yourself a question “Why do you want to learn how tattoo?” Your Mentor (Tattoo Artist) might ask you this question. There are many people who just like to do it coz it pays well or they want to look cool and attract the crowd.  All you need is an honest answer. But nothing silly like “money”.  If you really want to make money there are things that you can do and earn more money

Then Why tattooing?

Here are few tips to be Good Apprentice and learn how to tattoo

BE A GOOD APPRENTICE: Google the word “apprentice”. First of all you will have find a tattoo artist who would be willing to teach you tattooing and be loyal to the person, Since tattooing is a life style you will need to ne in sync with your mentor(tattoo Artist) at all levels when you are learning this Art Form.

LEARN TO DRAW AND PAINT: Tough your Mentor tattoo artist shall tell and teach you drawing and necessary skills before tattooing you will need to understand and take initiative to learn more on your own push yourself by going on the internet and finding lessons about art. Art related website like can help you connect with a lot of existing artist and you can feel inspired and push yourself an Extra mile.

SET YOURSELF A GOAL: Though tattooing takes a long time (sometimes more than a year) to learn. Work hard every day to achieve that Goal that you want to tattoo good Very soon. Work on your drawing skills more and more practice shall help you make thing come faster.

SACRIFICING YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: It is not necessary that you have to completely forget about going out and having fun with friends and all that. Tattooing is associated with fancy social life. But remember when you are out partying there is someone working hard and getting better than you. If you are really desperate to be a tattoo artist, You will need to sit and work towards it.

For any more information you can call us on 08861496435 for further assistance and learn about “Tattoo Course in Bangalore” or ” Tattoo Training in Bangalore”.

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