Top 5 Women’s Day Tattoo Ideas by Astron Tattoos Bangalore.

Womans day tattoos bangalore

This Women’s Day, lets simply celebrate the women in you.

There are of course celebrations in place all around us to commemorate the this special day for Women.

For some of you looking to celebrate this day in a much more spectacular way, here are some cool tattoo ideas

  1. Phoenix with Wings Tattoo

This master piece is a crowd favorite. It simple, colorful and has a very powerful vibe to it. We all know the story of the Phoenix. Its the story of resistance, miracles and will power. We believe all women are made that way too!

2. Minimalist Lion with Flowers

This tattoo is an ode to the strong lioness in each woman. A Lioness fiercely protects her kids and maintains a powerful exterior while at the same tending to its cubs in the most motherly fashion. The flowers on the Lioness symbolize the inherent grace, forgiving nature and the kindness in a woman.

3. Maha Kali Tattoo

Maha Kali is the embodiment of the divine feminine. She is an embodiment of the goddess supreme from which all creations came forward. She is a force of time and nature and is considered the goddess of time and death.

4. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids symbolize the duality in a woman. Half fish, Half woman, they teach us the significance of love, loyalty and the power of beauty. This tattoo serves as a careful remainder of the power of a woman and the complex nature of human relationships.

5. Black and Grey Rose Flower Tattoo

This can come across as a simple and practical tattoo to you. But look closely, what exactly do Roses mean? Their alluringly beautiful petals and the show-stopping aroma have a story to tell! It symbolizes the mystery that every woman is. The story she carries inside her.

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