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Spirituality and Religion have been the cornerstone for most civilizations in our country.

Tattoo or Tattow as an artform dates as far as back to the 3350 B.C. Tattoos have somehow always been part of the religion and culture for people throughout the years and they have always gone hand in hand.

One could easily say that the 21st century has been the best for Art of Tattooing.With the advent in technology and such tremendous changes in the way the world works, tattoos have taken and hold more meaning than ever.

However, spirituality and tattoos still go hand in hand. Scroll down to see some of the best religious tattoos ever created!!

Sudharsan Chakra Tattoo at Astron Tattoos Bangalore

This Sudharsan Chakra Tattoo looks as powerful and inspiring as the real Chakra must be. This Chakra is said to be the most powerful weapon to ever exist and is often depicted in the fingers of the Hindu God Of protection, Lord Vishnu!!!!


Mahakali Goddess Tattoo

This Mahakali Goddess Tattoo couldn’t look any more divine!! This colorful tattoo was an ode to the divine feminine and the supreme goddess. The all powerful and mighty looking Kali is the destroyer of all evil in the world. Mahakali, considered the divine protector uses her cosmic powers to destroy the bad in the world.

3. Trishul Tattoo

Trishul Tattoo by Pradeep Junior

A Trishul Tattoo is the most sought out by Religious Tattoo enthusiasts. Found with several Hindu Gods and Goddesses the potential of this weapon is beyond imagination. It is polyvalent in nature. It is immune to any negativity and can add tremendous meaning to the tattoo seeker’s life.


Lord Ganesha also known the Hindu Elephant God is the God of Divine Beginnings and is honored at the start of all ceremonies. He is also revered as the remover of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences and the god of intellect and wisdom.

5. Lord Krishna Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo at Astron Tattoos

This Krishna Tattoo is extremely unique in nature. He is the most widely revered and popular of all Hindu Divinities. Krishna used his proficient weapon skills to good effect to defeat a host of fearsome enemies, demons and monsters. And hence this portrayal of Krishna as a Warrior.

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