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Pradeep Junior has been tattooing since 2009. Having interest in drawing and painting at a very young age. He found his passion in tattooing after He first time saw TV shows like "Miami Ink" . At the age of 19 decided to get his first tattoo done in Bangalore. After doing and very long research about tattooing in Bangalore city and knowing he had a good hand in Art he did his fist tattoo by himself. Later His passion for tattooing grew and he decided to work for a tattoo shop as an apprentice part time and also doing an IT job. After having a good hand in tattooing he gave up the IT carrier and took up tattooing full time and became a part of a fully functional tattoo shop. Pradeep has also tattooed Famous South Indian Actress Ragini Dwivedi for her upcoming Movie project. He also had a great opportunity to work and learn the tattoo art form with India's Top Tattoo Studios like Devilz Tattooz in New Delhi.

  • "Had got my first tattoo from him and as luck would have it. When I was looking to get another tattoo done fate somehow managed to get me in contact with him. Now this guy is passionate about tattoos and whatever he creates is a work of art. Highly recommended!!."

  • "He is a very good & talented tattoo artist and is very particular about hygiene.That`s the most important thing anyone should look for. He charges the right price and gives you the exact thing which you want. Apart from all this he is very customer friendly and will definitely remove all your doubts. He will give you a quality `tattoo`.You can definitely contact him. Thank you Pradip !"

  • "Came in with a lot of apprehension as to how my first tattoo would turn out to be but once it was complete I was simply blown away with the way Pradeep did the job. I was impresses by the seeing the neatness of the work done. I did not feel any pain what so ever as I was told by a few of my friends. I did not worry even a little bit sine the process was very hygienic with very high standards. I suggest to anyone who is wanting to get inked this is the correct person to go to. I can promise that you cannot return un happy. Overall a very great person to get tattooed in Bangalore city."

    Kiran N R
  • "This is my second tattoo. But first time with Junior Tattoos. Must say this guy is an amazing artist. Much impressed with his neat and excellent work. Already decided that all my next tattoos would be from this guy! Yes!"

  • "I am so happy by the extremely neat work done by Pradeep. He makes your Tattoo experience amazing. All my friends are amazed by the neat details of tattoo."

  • "I went here for an inquiry but Pradeep made me so comfortable and I ended up doing the tattoo right then. I am glad I did it. Pradeep is super cool and he listens and kind of doesn't sell his ideas. Only complaint is, its difficult to locate this place :) And Yes, please take an appointment before you land in here Happy Inking :)."

  • "Went there with just an idea, but my idea became a reality with Junior Tattooz. The best part about Pradeep Jr. is "Improvisation". Kudos to the kind of creativity the guy has, If you like his work you must get one soon because believe me if you don't own one of your own your missing out on something very important. An act of true perfection!!!."

    Rahul Jayan




Ragini Dwivedi's Snake Tattoo

Pradeep Junior one of the best tattoo artists on Bangalore inked Ragini Dwivedi a well known South Indian Actress for her upcoming Movie


rocks tattoo explained

A) These are coconut leaves, or niu, which denote a Samoan chief-warrior.

B) This is the sun which brings good fortune.

C) This isa/ga fa'atasi (three people in one). That's me with my arms open. As it continues on my chest, it connects to my o lo'u to'a/ua (my wife, Dany) and my o lo'u afafine (my daughter, Simone Alexandra).

D) These descending swirls represent past, present and future, with the future becoming ever bigger. The pattern continues under my arm, where its meaning is written: "It changes in the place where it is found to be gone."

E) These two eyes, called o mata e lua, represent my ancestors watching over my path.

F) This is the Great Eye, It's an intimidating symbol that allows its user to possess the spirit of his enemy. The eye is used to distract the enemy in a confrontation.

G) This broken face, marked by shark teeth—a symbol of strength—is my spirit protector and a symbol of my struggle.

H) This is the priest and spiritual guide, who raises a warrior to enlightenment and supernatural power under the eyes of the warrior's ancestors.

I ) These are stones of achievement and abundance. They're the foundation of my life and symbols of my dedication. They bring the right to stand and speak with honor as a Tula Fale—a high talking chief—and they maintain mana, or supernatural power.

J) This is a tortoise shell, to deflect evil spirits. Warriors used shells as shields."

Come and get your Dream Tattoo!!


1. Are Tattoos Safe?

It is safe to get tattooed as long as the person doing it is reputed and recommended by people. Also ask if the Artist uses disposable needles, Gloves and Sterilized equipment and vegetable based dye(inks) approved by FDA.

2. Does a Tattoo Hurt? How can I avoid it?

Getting a tattoo can be a little painful but very bearable. You can make it less painful by the following a few simple steps1. Wear lose clothing:: Wear comfortable cloths especially the area where you are going to get your tattoo. Eat before you go and get tattooed:: Eat something so that your stomach is full and take something sweet to drink. This shall help you endure the pain and make it easy to get tattooed. Do not Drink Alcohol or take any aspirin before 24 of getting a tattoo. This will thin your blood and cause more bleeding. Deep Breathing: Last but not least just concentrate on breathing. Also No Pain, No Gain.

3. How much is it going to cost?

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you'll be crying to a real artist to have it covered up. Look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. NEVER haggle over the price of a tattoo. Since it is going to be for life time. It is disrespectful to the artist. If you can't pay for quality, don't bother. This is not a bargain bin. It is a piece of art you will wear for life.

4. What Tattoo should I get? And where?

It is good if you have a decent Idea of what you want. You can choose from the tattooing catalogue or you can have something interesting and unique designed by the tattoo artist. Best suggestion is to do a quick research on the internet so that you do not go with a confused mind to the tattoo shop.

5. Do I need to take a prior appointment to get a tattoo done or consult about my Tattoo?

It is good to take a prior appointment (Especially on the Weekends) so that the artist can make time for you give you the best tattoo with 100% effort. For consultation just a reminder phone call is good before you arrive to our Studio. We are opened from Tuesday to Sunday(Monday Holiday) 11am to 7PM


Because of all the wonderful people coming to our tattoo studio, we usually have our schedule full and In order for us to accommodate you, We ask you please call us ahead for an appointment. We do not want to disappoint you by having you wait for your turn to get tattooed. Of course anyone is welcome to come in for a consultation about your design anytime during working hours. This message is especially for those who are new to the tattoo world and never gotten a tattoo before. We believe in high quality tattoo work and hygiene, You can contact us through email, Facebook or submit a request through our website's contacts page or call us for an appointment.

6. Do I get to see my Tattoo before I get it inked?

We are the only Tattoo studio in India who would actually do the tattoo on a photograph of your body Digitally so that you can exactly see what your tattoo is going to look like before you take an appointment and get it inked.

Please click on this link to see our Tatoo concpet work by pradeep junior .


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7. Tattoo After Care?

After your tattoo is done the artist will cover the New tattoo with a heap of Vaseline and then bandages up the whole thing, they give you these instructions:

Different Tattoo Artist have their personal Tattoo care Instructions.

Tattoo Care Instructions:

1. Remove Band-Aid or thin plastic wrap in 3 to 5 hrs. (best time is within 3 hrs)

2. Wash tattoo immediately, with Johnson an Johnson's baby soap and water When washing off the tattoo, there should be old ink & some body fluids. At this state there is little that can harm the tattoo.

3. When skin feels like normal wet skin, pat dry.

4. Put nothing on the tattoo for 3 days.

5. During this period avoid taking showers and direct contact with water.

6. From the 4th day, apply the *tiniest* amount of lotion possible once a day to keep it from drying out completely; gently work it in. Just a drop of lotion for a 2 by 2 inch tattoo

7. Do not get the tattoo wet; moisture is your enemy.

8. Do not permit sun on tattoo (for a month).

9.Avoid working out in the gym or swimming for next 15 days.Scabbing may or may not occur. Scabbing is normal. Do not pick the scab.

10. Various parts of the body and skin types have different healing time and pattern. Average time for a tattoo to heal in 2 weeks and complete healing takes 30 to 35 days (Leg tattoos take longer to heal).


Getting tattooed from just any place for cheap? You might wanna think about it once again.

You might End up with a really bad tattoo or something that you would regret later.

There are many people can offer a "small tattoo free with a Big one" and many things

Tattoos are not like buying a Shirt that has a 50% off Stcker on it or something that you bargain can bargain about.

So,Please be responsible and Get you tattoos right and just like the way you want it to be for the rest of your life from an artist who is good at tattooing and also follows proper hygiene standars.

Avoid calling any local search engine (Like JustDial) to get a number of a Tattoo Atrist. Do not rush into taking a decision on your tattoo just because JustDial gives you a bunch of random number and all that to people Because People pay for getting their names appear first on their services.

Do your research Online using google and read the reviews of the Sutdio or the Artist you are getting tattooed from.

even if you happen to see a website review about the Best tattoo artist in Bangalore and any city or stuff like that. Please check how old the reviews are? they should be recent enough (No less than 2 years Old to the maximum) to justify your requirement. As per the current situation where there are more than 50 tattoo artists in Bangalore the homework becomes even more to find a good one.

Even if you have to go through first 5 to 6 pages on google for a result on tattoo artist please do it. Instead of regretting it later.

Please ask your Artist for their portfolio or go through their Work or website and check their Artwork and then sit down and decide weather you have found the person who YOU feel comfirtable with and NOT someone who has no idea about What tattooing is.

Lets Not think about tattooing as a Sale or Business Lets see it as another Art Form.

9. Do We do cover up tattoos?

Almost no matter what you have tattooed on your body, as long as it's not badly scarred or just solid black, you can cover it up. There are people keeping old junky tattoos that they dislike even when they don't have to. There's two types of cover ups, the first is redoing an old tattoo to make it look new again, and the other is completely changing what you originally had with a new image or design.

When you have an old, faded tattoo, even if it was solid black, you can make it look as if it was just done and perfect. A nice sharp outline will give any tattoo new life, and help clean up any blurring of the old outline into the surrounding skin. The old faded black can be redone with black on top of it, and depending on how faded it is, color can be a good way to add more life. Color can cover black, despite the common myths that nothing but more black will. Sometimes giving the redone tattoo a colored background to really make it stand out also adds to the new look.

The main guidelines to changing a tattoo from one design to another are:

1. You need to make the new tattoo at least 50% larger than the old one.

2. You need to change the focal point of the new tattoo away from the old focal point.

3. You need to be working on a tattoo that is fully healed and not very badly scarred.

These guidelines give the new tattoo artist room to trick the viewers eye into looking at a new focal point, and taking their eye away from certain points of the old tattoo that need to be covered. If your first tattoo has large amount of dark shading, a new bright focal point will be made to attract attention there. This is why making the tattoo a bit bigger is usually a must. As stated earlier, color can cover black in certain situations, and this can help so much when trying to give dimension to a new tattoo.

Do remember that this new tattoo might take more than one sitting in order to be finished. Some cover ups need to be done in layers, in order to fully blend the ink of the new one into the skin and ink of the old. It is also crucial to make sure you choose a design/image this time that you can live with for life.


A lot of factors come in to the picture while you want to remove a tattoo. Age of the tattoo, the type of colors used and your pain tolerance etc

Usually there are two ways of removing a tattoo from your skin. Skin grafting treatment and Laser tattoo Removal

Skin Grafting is a process where a patch of skin from your leg is removed and grafted on to the tattooed area.

Laser tattoo removal is process where various frequencies of laser beams are hit on the tattoo area with a laser gun and the ink gets dispersed in the skin breaking the molecules of the tattoo ink and lets the body's immune systems to absorb the dispersed ink

Usually Dark colors respond well to lasers where as green, blue, Orange and Yellow are very difficult to get rid of.

The Deeper the pigment, the more laser sessions you need.

Darker colors can completely be removed but, there is always a scar on the tattooed area after the laser treatment, since the laser would also remove some of your natural skin pigment.

Just make sure that you find a well reputed and experienced specialist before you go for any kind of removal process. of the tattoos they have removed till now.Ask the person to show you the pictures or the portfolio showing before and after images

An experienced tattoo removal person would always recommend some kind of tropical anesthetic before the laser treatment since it's a very painful process.

Laser removal treatments are very expensive especially if you go to a professional..

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